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Engineering design of PV plants

Among the other activities, Ukrainian System Solar carries out engineering design of solar power plants (PV plants).

The company has been in solar energy area for a good many years and accumulated extensive experience in the engineering design, coordination, operation and maintenance of on/off-grid solar power plants. We provide services for preliminary engineering and technical surveys, modeling a future solar power plant with a use of specialized licensed software, perform technical and economic calculations, prepare draft and final design concepts and develop specialized design solutions.

Ukrainian System Solar employees are appropriately qualified and experienced for a wide range of works.

Preparatory works:

  • selection of PV module allocation based on the customer’s specification;
  • planning the layout of PV mounting systems at the customer’s site;
  • customization of installation for a specific facility, development and engineering design of the static mounting systems and trackers according to the requirements of each individual project;
  • computer modeling with the creation of a three-dimensional solid model of the first approximation for determining the dimensions of mounting systems and their elements, weight and quantity of parts;
  • calculation of PV mounting systems for strength and loads compliance specified in the regulatory documents. It is carried out in the computational complex by the finite element method;
  • preparation of all necessary project design documents.

Technical and economic calculation of a solar power plant:

In some cases, there is no need for detailed feasibility study; and for making a decision, a potential customer is satisfied with technical and economic calculation of a solar power plant. The document on the feasibility study is developed based on the individual customer’s requirements, considering the project specifics. Usually, feasibility study of a solar power plant covers the following issues:

  • justification of PV plant design capacity;
  • analysis of the facility's main equipment;
  • basic technical and economic project parameters;
  • justification of the staff number;
  • PVSYST report on the option of the considered solar power plant project;
  • financial model of the considered PV plant project, including planned electrical power generation and revenues from the “green tariff”, forecast expenditures for construction, as well as the preestimated costs for its operation and maintenance.

Support of supply, installation and operation of PV mounting systems:

  • products delivery to the construction site;
  • installation supervision works;
  • advising on installation and assembly of static systems and trackers;
  • commissioning of trackers;
  • providing a system monitoring of the trackers' operation through the company's web portal;
  • training the solar power plant’s staff on the trackers maintenance;
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance of systems.

Additionally, the company provides services required for delivery of solar power plants construction projects, including:

  • development of solar power plant design and construction concept;
  • geodetic and geological works;
  • development of project documents on solar power plant construction;
  • supply of the required equipment and materials.











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